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Santa Ana, CA


Our History

3480 W. Warner Ave. Suite B

Santa Ana, CA 92704


The concept for Santa Ana River Brewing was formed by Geoff Brand and Mike Miller in an effort to craft hop-forward ales in the great tradition of west coast brewing with the ultimate goal of being able to offer unique and idiosyncratic takes on classic styles. We love hops, and while we respect all the components and different aspects that go into brewing each beer, one theme runs through them all: hops, hops, and more hops... We are constantly in search of the greatest examples of hoppy beers to enjoy and eventually found ourselves immersed in the journey to brew some of our own hop-bombs. Being natives of Southern California we luckily have been surrounded by legendary breweries and avid craft brew fans in all directions.


The name was chosen because of its central location and importance to the area where we grew up. It’s the largest river within the state and it’s history is equally as impressive. According to some estimates people have been living along the river for at least 10,000 years. The river shaped the land and coastline of southern California while the prosperity it created allowed cities such as Santa Ana, Riverside, and Anaheim to be established and thrive to this day. Floods in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s wiped out the agricultural industry it once created. Now the area is one of the most desirable places to live or visit in the country.

While we are involved in something that uses a lot of water which is in short supply during this historic drought California is experiencing, we plan to keep our small scale nano-brewery as green as possible by recycling water when possible, repurposing spent grain, and we plan on donating portions of certain beers to Santa Ana River restoration funds. The river has a great history that many people are unaware of, it’s worth reading a brief history to understand the immense impact it has had on the southern Caifornia region.

We hope our impact on the craft beer scene will honor and in someways imitate the power of the Santa Ana River.


Santa Ana River Brewing Co.

3480 W. Warner Ave. Suite B

Santa Ana, CA 92704