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Frequently Asked Questions...Answered

Where can I get your beer?

Follow this link to see a list of our accounts, but keep in mind that some accounts may not always have our beer.

Do you ship directly to consumers from your brewery?

No, we do not. We have done so in the past, but liquor laws are getting more and more complicated in the “reciprocal” shipping states. But the main reason is we just don’t have enough beer!

I have a store / restaurant / wholesaler and would like to carry your beer.  How can I do that?

We are currently not able to accept any new accounts or distributors at this time. We are having a difficult time keeping up with demand as it is! There are certainly worse problems to have ;-) Both breweries are at capacity now and we are planning to stay the course for a while - pay off some bills, focus on beer quality, and keep the investors happy!

Are you planning to expand your brewery to meet such high demand?

We have been growing organically each year since we opened and have mostly reached capacity at both breweries. At this time, we have no plans for any major expansions. Our focus is on quality not quantity!

Do you offer tours at either brewery?

We are currently not open to the public at the production brewery. Someday we plan to have a tasting room and may be open by appointment only for tours. But not anytime soon. The brewpub is open daily but we are not staffed with full-time tour guides. There are windows to the brewery and barrel room which provide a pretty good view! Our staff is very knowledgeable about our brewing process and our wide variety of beers and happy to answer your questions!

Do you take reservations for large parties?

Sorry, we are no longer taking reservations at our pub...

What’s on tap and available in bottles at your pub?

Click on this link for a fairly accurate listing of what’s available at the pub. Please note sometimes we run out of something and don’t have the chance to update the website immediately. We always have 1 to 3 barrel-aged/sour beers on at any given time! Pliny the Elder is on tap 93.5% of the time, too!

Can I get a keg of beer for my party?

We do not sell kegs to retail customers at this time. You may purchase growlers or bottles of whatever is available at our pub! Also, we do not sell kegs to any accounts (grocery or liquor stores) that sell direct to consumers.

What is the shelf life of a growler?

Unopened and kept refrigerated = one month. 

Once opened = 2 to 4 days (tops). As you pour a beer from a growler, air displaces the beer inside the growler and thus the remaining beer in the growler starts to oxidize quickly. 

In all cases, a growler should be kept cold and if you are traveling a long distance from the pub to your destination it should be kept cold in route.

When are your brews available?

Pliny the Younger is gone for the season! He shall make his annual return the first Friday in February 2015!